3 Tips For Packing Up Your Dorm Room For Self Storage

When the end of the academic year approaches and it is time to say goodbye to your dorm room or apartment for the summer, you can pack up your belongings and put them in self storage. A great way to save on money is to share the space with your roommates. Here are some tips to help you and your roomies pack up your belongings and get them into storage without creating chaos. 

Make an Inventory List

Before you and your roomies pack up your belongings, each person needs to create an inventory list of everything. Each list can be used to determine what goes home, what is being tossed, and what is going in storage. The list also helps to avoid confusion when you and your friends return back to school. Instead of trying to remember which items belong to who, you can refer to your list. 

It can be easy to lose a paper copy of the list. As an added precaution, create a digital copy of the list and email it to each person. You can also store a copy of the list on an online storage service. 

Use Color Coded Boxes

Instead of lumping everyone's belongings together, get separate bins that are different colors for each roommate. Ensure that everyone is only using his or her bins to store their stuff. When you have to unpack, each person will be able to quickly locate his or her bins in the storage unit. Each bin needs to be clearly labeled with each person's name. 

Assign Each Person a Section of the Storage

Even though everyone is using color coded boxes, it is important that assign a section of the storage to each person. If the storage is split up evenly, you can be sure that everyone is getting his or her fair share of the space. It also helps to split the space when it is time to unpack. Instead of having to pick through everyone else's belongings to locate his or her stuff, each roommate can locate his or her section quickly. 

If you and your friends are using a combination lock to secure the storage, ensure that each person has a key. 

When you and your roommates work together, you can easily store your items together in a storage space, like those at National Self Storage - Denver, and save money. Instead of leasing multiple units, you can securely and safely get everything into your one unit. 

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