4 Ways To Ensure Your Items In Storage Will Be Secure

If you need to put household items in mini storage, you might have items of value that you will want to make sure are safe. It can be nerve wracking to leave items unattended in a storage unit, but that doesn't mean that this is necessarily a security risk. Here are four ways that you can make sure that your items will be safe in a mini storage unit.

1. Picking the Right Facility

Some storage facilities are safer than others. Securing a mini storage facility that is in a well trafficked area as opposed to off the beaten path is a good idea. Make sure to inquire about mini storage units located inside that might be safer. Finding a facility that has surveillance cameras and round the clock security can also help with safety.

2. Locking up Items Internally

If you have various smaller items within your mini storage unit, it is a good idea to get these items together and locked up in a secured box or safe. For larger items such as bikes or sporting equipment, lock these together with cable locks to make them harder to steal. Even if a thief does access your unit, these precautions can deter them from taking your things.

3. Find a Storage Facility Nearby

If you are showing up at random times to access your storage, your unit will not be a prime candidate for a break in. If storage is nearby your home, you can periodically stop by and check on your things, deterring thieves that are casing the facility for unattended storage units. If you can keep your storage unit active, this will most likely keep your storage unit free from tampering.

4. Insure Your Items

Sometimes bad things happen and even with the best of plans. Your mini storage unit may end up broken into or damaged without any fault of your own. If you have your items insured either through the storage facility or through your personal insurance, you can at least recover the cost of valuables if something does happen.

Security is important when it comes to storage, so make sure that you do your part to keep your things safe. Don't become a victim of theft just because you didn't take the proper safeguards from day one when it comes to your valuables. Make sure that you can have peace of mind while storing your items in a secured mini storage facility like Rock Solid Storage LLC.

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