Organization Ideas for Your New Garage

Having a new garage built is exciting. How do you keep that new garage organized and make it easy to find what you need when you need it? Below, you will find a few ideas that will make organizing the contents of your garage easy.

Multi-Panel Swinging Peg Panel

This tool organization system will allow you to store a lot of tools in a very small space. The system mounts to the wall and looks much like a book with several pages. The system makes it possible for you to store hand tools on both sides of each panel. You can then flip through the panels until you find the tool that you are looking for.

Overhead Bin Storage

Buying durable bins and building frames on the ceiling of the garage can expand your storage space tremendously. The bins are slid onto the frames and give you quick and easy access to the contents.

Wall Storage

There are a number of storage solutions to use on the walls of your garage.

PVC Pipe Organizers – cut small sections of PVC pipe and drill holes through them. Mount them to the wall and slide the handles of rakes, shovels, hoes and other stick-handle tools through them. This will give all of your stick-handle tools a place to be stored without having to worry about them falling over when they are bumped.

Simple Studs – If the walls of your garage are unfinished, you have the exposed studs to work with. By nailing a 2x4 across the exposed studs, you can find an unlimited amount of wall storage. The 2x4 can be mounted to form shelves or standing storage for golf clubs, baseball bats, boat oars, or a number of other things.

Bike Racks – Wall-mount bike racks are available in various sizes for different bikes. Giving the bikes a place to be properly stored will help to keep them from being tossed on the ground or falling and smashing into the side of your car.

Fold Up Work Table

You can build a work table that is mounted to the wall and folds open only when you need it. Some of these work tables are used to enclose the hand tools that are oftentimes used on them. So, this not only gives you additional work-space, but it keeps the tools organized and hidden until you need them.

There are so many great ways to keep your new garage organized and clean. These are just a few for you to consider. Talk with a contractor like Iowa Sheds to get more ideas about what you can do in your new garage.

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