What to Ask the Manager before Choosing a Storage Facility

Choosing a storage facility can be more difficult than expected. There are quite a few things to consider: price, size, location, temperature control, management options, security, and accessibility. There will probably be several facilities in good locations. Of course, facilities that are closer to suburban areas are usually more expensive. If you do choose a facility that is further removed from the residential area, you will get a better deal. Just make sure the facility has an on-site management crew. Some crews are on site 24 hours a day--they even live on the property. If this is the case, you definitely want to be sure that you trust the crew. Here are a couple of questions you can ask your storage managers before you decide to rent a unit.

Get Discount for Long Term Rental

Most storage facilities operate on a month to month basis. But, this means that they love customers who are willing to commit to longer term rental. 6 months, 9 months and 1 year customers will look very attractive to management. Better yet, you can pay for the entire period upon move in. However, don't do this without any incentive. Ask the manager, for example: "If I sign a 1-year lease and pay for 6-months right now, what kind of deal are you gonna give me?" You should reasonably expect to get at least a month free and the manager will be glad to be receiving 6 months of rent at once. A win-win situation for everyone!

Temperature Control for All Seasons

You also want to consider the possibility of getting a temperature controlled unit. This will obviously be more important in some areas where the weather is more severe. Heat and moisture can have a particularly bad impact on things in a hot, non-ventilated storage unit. Wood, papers, collectibles, and photographs can literally get destroyed by extreme temperatures. Likewise, extreme cold can devastate furniture, food storage and papers. This is why you should only rent a unit in a facility with temperature control, no matter where you live. So ask your manager, "What temperature will my unit be kept at?" The answer should be room temperature, or about 70 degrees. Of course, as you return to your unit during the summer and winter months, you can double check to see if the manager is keeping his word.

With temperature control and a discount for long term payment, you are more likely to have a pleasant renting experience. For more information, talk to an expert like North Star Mini Storage.

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