How Self Storage Can Help With A Breakup

They say that breaking up is hard to do, but it is even harder when you have to move out of the same home. Ending the lease, ending the drama, and ending being in one another's lives is a lot to process all at once. One of the best tools that you can invest in is a self storage unit during a breakup. Here are a few reasons, that self storage can aid you in a breakup.

You can stash things until you figure out life.

When you break up with your significant other, there are a lot of decisions that you will have to make. Making decisions in an emotional time can lead to later regret. Instead of choosing to sign a brand new lease immediately, take your things to a self storage facility and move into a short term rooming situation or with friends and family. Make decisions on where to plant roots when your head is clear.

Storage acts as a mediator.

If you and your ex are feeling emotional, meeting in public to hash out business can be a good idea. Self storage facilities offer that median area. Together, you both can pack and head over to a self storage facility. Here, the two of you can split up the belongings and determine who takes what. It helps to be able to see the belongings outside of the home, to determine just how much you have and a fare split. Rent separate units in order to house each of your belongings.

You won't destroy your memories.

If you are angry after a breakup, you may be tempted to destroy or throw away gifts from your ex, memories of the two of you, or even some of their belongings. Instead of using your anger to destroy, you can use it to pack. Stash all of your belongings away and throw them into your self storage unit until you are emotionally and physically ready to deal with the emotions. You will be happy that you did not destroy some of your beautiful items and actually cherish some of the gifts and memories that you have held on to.

You can start on a clean slate.

If you have nothing but bad memories at the current time, you can choose to start over in your new place on a clean slate. New furniture, new decorations, and a new closet can do you some good. When you go back to your self storage to retrieve old items you can decide what fits into your new life and what would be better donated or thrown away.

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