Why A Hoarder Should Rent A Self-Storage Unit

Are you trying to get over a hoarding addiction and need to clear out the clutter in your house? You can actually organize your home without having to get rid of your things if you invest in storage units. Find out in this article why a self-storage unit rental is ideal for a hoarder, as well as what it costs to get one.

Why Should a Hoarder Invest in a Self-Storage Unit?

Having a self-storage unit will allow you to get over your hoarding addiction at your own pace, and keep your house organized during the process. You can rent a unit that is large enough to accommodate everything that you want removed out of your home. It is actually in your best interest to get a unit that is larger than needed, as it will give you the space for additional items that you may get until you fully recover from the addiction.

You should also consider getting a self-storage unit that gives you control over the temperature inside of it. A climate-controlled unit is ideal for a hoarding addiction because it will allow you to safely store antiques and other valuable items without them getting damaged from too much humidity. For instance, humidity creates moisture that can damage wooden products and cause metal to become rusty. The moisture can also lead to your unit getting mold and mildew in it.

If you don't intend on using many of the items that you have collected, you may want to start selling them to make a profit. You can retrieve items out of the self-storage unit as they are sold. Purchasing shelving and racks to keep the inside of the unit organized is ideal if you want easy access to items when retrieving them. Hoarding can be a good thing when you have a self-storage unit away from home that helps you avoid clutter.

What is the Estimated Price of a Self-Storage Unit Rental?

If you will only be storing a small portion of the items you have hoarded, you can rent a 5x5 foot storage unit for up to $50 per month. If you have hoarded a large amount of items, you may want to consider renting a 20x20 foot storage unit at an estimate of $225 per month. Keep in mind that the price will be a little higher if you want a climate controlled unit. Don't delay visiting a storage facility to rent a unit that is sufficient enough for your hoarding addiction!

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