Ensuring Your Storage Unit Is The Right Size

Are you trying to rent a storage unit for more than a carload of items? Choosing a storage unit that's the right size for what you have is a little trickier than many people assume. However, it is possible to do so rather easily if you know what you have to look for. Many storage facility websites use online space calculators to showcase which sizes would work for you, but these overlook a couple of storage issues. Here's a look at what you have to consider when choosing a storage unit size.

Growth Opportunities

The amount of stuff you'll have in storage may or may not change, but it is to your advantage to allow for a little extra room in case you find you want to place more items in storage. If you rent a small unit and have it nearly completely filled with belongings, it's going to be more difficult to add another piece of furniture without creating a safety hazard. That then leaves you with the choice of getting rid of something or renting a second unit. Keep costs in mind before blithely thinking you'll rent a second unit. Moving up one storage unit size is generally cheaper than renting a second, tiny space for one item.

Remember that your belongings will be boxed up and basically hidden in cardboard, so it will also be a lot more difficult to decide what to get rid of. If you're not prepared to dig through boxes, or you're sure everything in storage is something you want to keep, add a little space to your size estimate.

Reaching for the Sky

Storage units tend to be fairly tall, and you can often stack quite a bit in there. But after a while, that becomes dangerous even if you have everything neatly stacked on sturdy storage racks. Try not to stack things taller than your head (except for single pieces of furniture that are already taller than you, like tall bookcases). If you were planning to have very tall stacks, start looking at wider storage units.

Room to Move

Website storage space calculators are handy for determining minimum size, but they often rely on the unit being completely packed. That's fine for small units where almost everything is within reach of the door. But for larger amounts of stuff, you'll want a little more room, either so you can walk into the unit to get to stuff in back, or so you can move things around without having to take everything out of the storage unit first.

If you'd like more information about how to choose a storage unit size, visit the storage places you have in mind (or local equivalents, if you're choosing storage in another city) and actually see inside several sizes of unit. Bring box and furniture measurements with you and block out the area. Err on the side of a little larger than you think, too, to ensure you have enough room.

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