4 Ways To Declutter Your Small Home

Downsizing to a smaller house or apartment can simplify your life and save you money. Unfortunately, it can also make it much harder to keep your home tidy and uncluttered, since there is simply less space for your things. Here are four strategies for keeping your smaller home neat and clutter-free:

Rent a Storage Unit

Renting a storage unit is the best way to hold onto bulkier items without having to live in a cluttered home. Excess furniture, mementos and paperwork you don't need regular access to, out-of-season clothing, camping equipment, etc., can all go in your storage unit. Your things will be secure, protected, and available whenever you need them, but your home will be free of a ton of clutter at the same time. Contact a storage unit like Guardian Self Storage to find out what types of units they have available.

Start with Two Trash Bags

Sometimes decluttering an entire home is overwhelming, so a good way to tackle it is to limit your decluttering project to two trash bags. One trash bag can be dedicated to items you wish to donate and the other can be for trash. Go room by room, and tackle drawers, closets, and the area under your bed, looking for items you no longer want, need, or use.

When the two trash bags are full you can stop, throwing away the one bag and dropping the other one off at a thrift store. If you still have more clutter, you can continue with two more trash bags the next weekend or whenever you feel like it.

Buy Furniture that Doubles as Storage

An important aspect of keeping a small space free of clutter is to use the space you have efficiently. A great way to do this is to buy furniture that doubles as storage. For example, you can buy a bed that has drawers underneath for storing your extra bed linens and pillows. A coffee table or ottoman that opens up to a storage compartment is a great place to stash all those little odds and ends.

Embrace "One In, One Out"

This is a simple concept that can keep things clutter-free in the future. Every time you are tempted to buy something new, you have to get rid of one item. So if you are thinking about impulsively buying a new sweater, something else from your closet has to go. This is a great way to keep clutter at bay and possibly reduce your spending at the same time.

A small space can be just as calm and clutter-free as a larger one. By following these tips you will soon feel much more organized, and the lack of clutter may even make your home feel bigger.


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