3 Reasons To Rent A Storage Unit From An Outdoor Facility

Renting from a storage facility is a fantastic way to store extra inventory for your business, eliminate clutter from your home, or simply to store items in a secure location. When choosing a facility, you will need to decide between an indoor facility that houses all of the units in a single large building or an outdoor facility that has its units spread among multiple small buildings. Listed below are three reasons that you should consider renting from one of the outdoor facilities.

Unit Size

Outdoor storage facilities are a good choice if you want the freedom to store larger items. In many cases, an outdoor storage facility will have a range of unit sizes that will often culminate in large units that can be used to store an RV, boat, spare vehicles or even an entire house's worth of items. This can be very useful if you need a place to store your furniture while you are trying to find a new home or if you need a secure place to store an extra vehicle if you do not have enough garage space at home. 

Easy Access

One of the biggest reasons to rent a unit from an outdoor facility is the ability to easily access your storage unit. In an outdoor facility, the entrance to every unit will be along the outside of the buildings, which means that you can easily drive your vehicle right to the door of the unit when you need to store or pick up items. 

In addition, outdoor storage facilities will also allow you to access your unit whenever you like, regardless of the time of the day or night. All you will need to have is the access code for the security gate, which is often created when you rent a unit. 

Extensive Security

Finally, security is often one of the most important considerations that many people have when picking a storage facility. An outdoor facility will often have several layers of security that can keep your unit secure, such as a security fence and gate surrounding the entire facility to limit access to the property. In addition, many of these outdoor facilities will increase security levels by having security guards patrolling the grounds periodically throughout the day and night while also installing surveillance cameras to monitor the facility 24/7. 

However, you should be careful when shopping around for an outdoor storage facility if security is a major concern for you as some outdoor facilities will not have any security aside from a basic fence or the lock on each individual unit. While these facilities will often be quite inexpensive, it is often better to pay a bit more in order to ensure that your items are kept safe in a better outdoor storage facility.  

Contact an outdoor self-storage facility (such as Back Acres Mini-Storage & Mobile Home Park) today to discuss how their facility may be able to accommodate your items and keep them secure. These facilities are a good option due to the availability of a wide range of unit sizes, how easy the units are to access, and how secure they can be. 

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