Want Easy Storage? Create a Seamless System for a Storage Unit and Your Garage

Parking one or two cars in your garage should not take up so much space that you cannot store anything. You should be able to create a storage system that makes use of the walls to maximize storage. But, regardless of how organized you are, you could still not have enough room for all of your things. It is worth looking into using storage units, as they can provide you with the additional space that you need. Despite location differences, you should create a seamless storage system between the two places for easy access.

Freestanding Shelves

In your garage, you have the ability to mount things on the walls where freestanding shelves do not fit. This is not something that you will be able to do in a storage unit, so it is one feature you cannot obtain elsewhere. However, most of your storage should revolve around freestanding shelves, and picking up the same exact shelves for your garage and storage unit will allow for seamless transitions. Taking a large box or item out of storage will no longer be an issue when you try to fit that box into your garage.

Climate Control

In an ideal situation, you should have two climate-controlled areas for storage, your storage unit and your garage. A climate-controlled storage unit will allow you to store documents, artwork, and wooden furniture without having to worry about damage. However, your garage may not be as safe for such things if it is not insulated as well as your storage unit is. This is why you should think about upgrading the insulation in your garage to match the storage unit you rent. Applying insulation to the walls and getting a new garage door are the two main steps to accomplish this goal. Once you are finished, you can move items between the storage unit and the garage without worry.

Plastic Bins

When you want to optimize storage in both locations, you need to be exact with your measurements. This means you should use the same-sized plastic bins for most of your storage needs. An excellent example is when you want to transfer a few winter decoration bins out of storage and replace them with several fall decoration bins that you recently finished using. Your goal should be having easy transitions to both places. When you do this, you can make the storage unit feel just like an extension of your garage, aside from the distance involved.

Taking these details into consideration will remove complications when it comes to storing items. Talk to a company like Pearl Street Self Storage to rent out a unit. 

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